Många resenärer till Sri Lanka har genom året oftast glömt bort Colombo.

Vi vill gärna slå ett slag för denna härliga storstad som mixar Väst och Asien.

"Sri Lanka is so jam-packed with alluring outdoorsy activities that visitors often high-tail it out of the capital a day or two after arriving, choosing instead to spend their vacation days lounging on a southern beach, whale-watching off the coast or leopard-spotting in a national park. Yet Colombo is fast becoming a draw in itself. This city of 555,000 people has been on fast-forward since a 25-year civil war ended in 2009." New York Times - läs mer


"Postwar exuberance and government funding are reviving the Sri Lankan capital. From a tea-tasting odyssey to zigzagging between galleries, Cynthia Rosenfeld taps into the buzz" Financial Times - läs mer


THINK OF SRI LANKA and what springs to mind? Beaches and Buddhas, temples and jungles, elephants and tea-clad hills. Heady metropolitan sophistication? Not so much. But five years after the bitter 25-year civil war between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam came to an end, Colombo has transformed itself. Once a shabby sprawl, to be skirted briskly en route to the beaches of the south, it’s become a confident, cosmopolitan, culture-rich hub. - läs mer


Planning a perfect day in Colombo is easier said than done. Make plans in Sri Lanka's sunny capital and it will find a way to distract you, shuffle your schedule and insist that you move at its pace - läs mer


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